What is the Universe?

The Universe is an open-world mobile application based on 360 degrees videos and computer graphics.

Users can explore all around the world and Solar System (public version v.0.2).

Who is developing the Universe project?

IDEAS STUDIO development team is working on creating the Universe.

How does the app work?

Simply open it. And the discoveries begin.

Is it possible to download the app? 

At this moment the app is in the development stage and possible to download

just for the development team.

What content does the Universe app provide? 

Universe app provide 360 degrees videos: short stories, 3D scenes, worldwide locations,

and natural sceneries.

How many 360 locations are inside the Universe?

We have more than 5k locations where you can walk, drive, fly, dive and just sit on the bench next to the ocean. Day by day we updating our 360 video library.

Which mobile application alternatives are similar to the Universe?

 Similar to Google Earth as possibilities explore the world and like Grand Theft Auto as world explorer inside automobiles, aircraft, and others with unique missions and tasks.

What is the uniqueness of the Universe?

You can travel and explore the world in real-life motion (real videos) unlike still photos of Google Earth and computer graphics of GTA.

Where I can find updates with the Universe?

All upcoming updates and alpha stage of mobile application you will find on this page.

How much does it cost?

It's Free with in-app purchases.

I have skills and wish that can boost your project. What can I do next?

We are glad to hear it! Send us a message with your ideas and minds on how can you be useful for the Universe project.

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This interactive map demonstrates concepts of video location on the global map. 


View to Earth from the spaceship illuminator.

Palm Springs in 360

Death Valley

Sunset in the desert

San Francisco

Small Whales also swimming in the bay next to Golden Gate Bridge


Next to museum in early 360 pioneering time's with the world best 360 rig & world's best action cameras 6 of Gopro 3+

Venice, California

Mini map with varietes in Time Machine mode

Nevada's deserts

Stas picturing the beauties

Android Sculptures park
San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge

Foggy time next to architectural miracle


New day and new beginnings

New York

Entrance line to Tribeca Film Festival VR section

Snowy way to Tahoe

Filming along the road in these places where nobody wants to go... IDEASers do!


World's biggest smallest town

before 360 rafting experience with Tributary team

Big Bear Mountains
Rafting Club Tributary

Very exciting place, trainees and video


Taras and Stas catching Inspiration from world's mapping leaders in front of VR Headquarter of Google

San Francisco

Stas between a filming points


San Francisco. Some of central streets we filmed synchronically. So in the Time of Machine mode you can freeze a time and relocate to other place in the same time window.


Stas and Taras along the 360 mapping tour in US. Excitement before begin

Iceland, Keflavik

Taras is smiling next to Keflavik's port. Mini map of Keflavik filmed.

Griffith Observatory

Taras next to Observatory before shootings start

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
Hollywood sign

Sunset next to Griffith observatory to the view to Hollywood sign... and other 270 degrees of inspiration

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Way to observatory


La Brea park Done


Alien's town mini map done

Luxor, Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

Taras catching inspiration in the Webs searching center Googleplex

New York
View to the deserts of Nevada

Stas is relaxing on the top

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