IDEAS STUDIO is a virtual reality studio.


We are the first studio in Belarus and Eastern Europe, creating video in 360 format. We love virtual reality and know how to create it well.


Our team consists of creative directors and cameramen, animators and artists, screenwriters and computer graphics specialists, image processing and color correction professionals, audio engineers and composers, all those ideological people who inspire IDEAS STUDIO to discover new horizons.


We are IDEAS, not just a studio of professionals, we are creators who annually produce documentaries and feature films, mobile apps and games. Everything that we like and what we ourselves want to see.

We collaborated with companies such as Facebook 360, Blend Media, Wargaming, Volkswagen and many others.


Our priority is high-quality projects that implement the goals of our clients and bring positive feedback to the target audience.


Since 2019, IDEAS STUDIO has been operating in Los Angeles (USA).


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