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First in Belarus!  

Amazing technology of video creation:  “Digitization of reality”


Video production company “IDEAS STUDIO” developed a unique to Belarus project. Digitization of reality gives you a feeling of that you are in the heart of filmed event, whether it is rock concert, fashion-show, best friend's wedding, or bachelor party at a strip-club.  And fully experience all the emotions.

Digitization of reality gives you a sense of presence. In addition, it’s fully interactive.

You can control the image with a mouse and a keyboard, or use different player modes.

It’s similar to a panorama where the viewer is in the center. 

You can look around, zoom in or out the picture, stop the video to view the details. You can see absolutely everything that has happened around the time of filming. This technology is quite different from conventional video in which you always see only a small part of whole action - the one which an operator considered as the most important.

But the really important and interesting things can happen behind the operator, isn’t it?

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